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For me the joy of creating flowers for events is taking someone else's vision and breathing life into it through design.  I love flowers.  Something about them is so special and sweet and they always hold significance at any occasion.  The idea that I would grow up and get to do this everyday is a childhood dream made reality.  I am so grateful for all the love, advice, and encouragement from family and friends knowing without whom I would never have the courage to actually own a little flower company.  I'm thankful for my awesome husband and my two nuggets for supporting me along the way.  I am grateful to the tiny little flower shop that hired me at 15 years old where I officially got my start.  You know you are doing something you are passionate about when you realize you have been doing it for half your life and still feel like you can't get enough.  The people who have trusted me with their events over the years I am forever humbled by and I so appreciate their trust in me to do their event or wedding.  With each opportunity comes excitement and appreciation for the  art of flower design ♥  ~Maggie owner/designer

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