Saturday, December 29, 2012

Katie + Akash

So... meet Katie & Akash, they have such BIG hearts and their kindness is both surprisingly refreshing and incredibly contagious.  I mean really, this is girl is just the sweetest.  Like when she found out it was about the same price to rent linens and tableware she decided to purchase them so that she could give them away to a charitable organization afterward.  And since she got married in a barn that was built by men for men in a treatment facility the natural thing any bride would do is invite them to her wedding right?!? I don't think that's the trending reaction for most people on their wedding day, but that certainly didn't stop Katie.  This bride is a real gem and it was an absolute joy to work with her.  It was such a privilege to be a part of their special day and I wish them lots of love and happiness as they continue to pay it forward unified as one for the greater good.

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