Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sondra + Jeff

It's not uncommon to see tears shed at a wedding but this wedding in particular had many reason to be emotional.  After having the wedding date changed for health reasons, the winery inspired vineyard themed wedding became an intimate backyard affair with every bit of sweetness and friendship wrapped into it.  What a precious couple to be celebrated.  After finding out she had a brain tumor during their engagement, Jeff was by her side as Sondra underwent surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.  They were put to the test of "in sickness and in health" before they could even make the vow.  The day was filled with close friends sharing in cheerful celebration as the previous year of hardships were washed away briefly in the midst of the union of such a kind and devoted couple.  Here's a few of the pictures to share from that very special day.

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